galeria11964: Sala Armando Reveron (Inauguration)
Second Prize. Collective Show

1966: Sala Armando Reveron (Individual)

1967: Galeria El Muro. Individual

1969: Galeria Parque del Este (Inauguration)

1970 Magnavox Gallery. Individual

1971 Sans Souci Gallery (Individual)

1972 Gallery Maiguar, Maracibo. Collective

1973 Gallery Marcel Benhein (Paris) (Individual)

1974 Gallery Sans Souci, Individual

1975 Gallery Sans Souci, Individual

1976 Salon Armando Reveron (annual show)
Collective (Golden Palette Award)

1977 Exhibition Hall. Exhibition Hall La Rinconada
Collective (Homage to La Pastora)

1978 Arte Valor, Collective.

1980 Ministry of Education. Collective

1981 Ministry of Education. Korean and Venezuelan Painters

galeria21982 Valor Arte, Collective

1983 Valor Arte, Hotel Tamanaco, Collective

1984 Lavigne Gallery, Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

1985 Chisholm Gallery, Polo Stadium, Palm Beach
Florida (Painting and Sculpture) Individual

1986 Salon Corocoro, Club Camuri Grande (Individual)

1987 Beresford Gallery, Florida

1988 Exhibition Hall of BANAP (Collective)

1989 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1990 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1991 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1991 Club Camuri Grande (Individual)

1992 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1993 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1994 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1996 Club Camuri Grande (Collective)

1998 Club Camuri Grande (Individual)

2001: Club Camuri Grande (Individual)