Young Alvarez de Lugo

Luis Guillermo Alvarez de Lugo Santana, born in Caracas Venezuela on April 23rd, 1923. Son of Tulio Alvarez de Lugo Isaba and Olga Santana Muller, he grew up with his brothers and sisters in Sabana Grande. His father, Tulio Alvarez de Lugo, born in Caracas in 1892, was one of the pioneers of Venezuelan cinema. Some of the most antique cinematographic images exist in the country due to his creations.

Luis Alvarez de Lugo meets Beatriz Azpurua in 1942, with whom he married in 1945 and had six children; they have been together for seventy years.

Throughout his career, his painting had a wide range of topics including history, portrait, wildlife, landscape, and his preferred topics: Cerro El Avila and female figures.

He also taught painting for 45 years from his home.

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